Our products:

For sealing of masonry as vertical and horizontal barrier.

Extreme conditions

Even with a high wall moisture content usable (up to 100%).


Even suitable for conservation.

Environmentally friendly

Residues after processing can be disposed of with household waste.

10 year warranty

10 year guarantee on tightness.

Anti-mold agent with disinfectant properties.

Extreme conditions

If massive mold fast, reliable action.


Stops reliably typical cellar smell.

Suitable for allergics

No chemical additives, thus no allergic reactions.


Fungicidal effect by silver ions and activated oxygen.

Permanent-impregnation for smooth and textured surfaces.

Facade protection

Durable impregnating paints, plasters and stone surfaces of any kind. Stops reliably contaminants and environmental conditions of outdoor surfaces.

Inhibits extreme soiling

Special formula even against urine contamination.